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Your Personal Finance Tracking, Monitoring and Alerting Tool
AccountPatrol securely monitors your financial accounts and empowers you to easily keep an eye on your finances by sharing Alerts, Insights & Notifications so that you can take better financial decisions for yourself and for your family.

❝ The best way to achieve your financial dreams
is to track your hard earned money closely. ❞

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Broad Coverage of Financial Institutions

We securely connect with financial institutions to download transactional data -

✥   Institutions supported include:

       ✔   Big & Small Banks

       ✔   Brokerage Firms

       ✔   Credit Unions

       ✔   Credit Card providers

       ✔   Mortgage companies

       ✔   Auto Loan providers

       ✔   Phone companies

       ✔   Utility companies

✥   Accounts supported include:

       ✔   Checking Accounts

       ✔   Savings Accounts

       ✔   Personal Credit Cards

       ✔   Business Accounts

       ✔   Mortgage Accounts

       ✔   Investment Accounts

       ✔   Student Loan Accounts

       ✔   Gift Cards

More than 15,000 US & Canadian Financial Institutions Supported

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How Does It Work?

Simply Connect Your Financial Accounts in a Secure and Easy way to...

Connect All Your Financial Accounts - attach Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, Loan, Investments, Mortgage and Reward Accounts.

Understand Cash In-flow and Out-flow. See Your Spending Patterns by Merchants & Categories. Get Trends by Day, Week, Month and Quarters.

Receive alerts such as Cash In-flow & Out-flow; Interest Charges; Overdraft & Late fees; Recurring, Duplicate, Fraudulent & Suspicious Charges.

Create weekly & monthly Budgets to track your spending by Categories and Merchants. Receive timely Alerts & Insights about your Budgets.

Get Reminders in advance about upcoming and recurring Bills so that you don't miss any payments or default on your important Bills.

Snap, Save and Store your Receipts for tax and expense reporting purposes or even for occassions such as for returning items to the store.

Key Features

❝ Easily Organize, Manage, Track
and Monitor Your Finances ❞

   ✔   Get alerted on Cash In-flow and Out-flow on all Accounts

   ✔   See your latest transactions along with 2 year history

   ✔   Know your Credit Usage, Rates, Balances and Payments

   ✔   See your available Cash and Investment holdings

   ✔   Find the Merchants where you are spending the most

   ✔   Understand Your Spend by Merchants and Categories

   ✔   Set Tags and add Comments to your transactions

   ✔   Create, Manage and Set Budgets to control your spending

   ✔   Take Photo of your Receipts and Save them forever

   ✔   Generate reports by Financial Institution, Merchant, Category and Tags

   ✔   Generate reports by Week, Month, Quarter and Year

  ✔ See how much you are spending on Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Education, Utilities, etc.

Alerts & Insights

Alerts & Insights via Texts and Emails Empower You to Closely Monitor & Easily Understand Your Finances

   ✥   Cash Out-flow

   ✥   Cash In-flow

   ✥   Recurring Charges

   ✥   Suspicious Charges

   ✥   Check Deposits

   ✥   ATM Withdrawals

   ✥   Overdrafts, Fees & Charges

   ✥   Large Transactions

   ✥   Repeat Transactions

   ✥   Credit Card Payment Due

   ✥   Credit card Payment Posted

   ✥   Credit Usage

   ✥   Credit Limit Approaching

   ✥   Credit Limit Exceeded

   ✥   Bill Reminders

   ✥   Budgets & Categories

   ✥   Interest Fees & Charges

   ✥   Low Balance

You can set and manage the frequency of Text and Email Alerts & Insights per your Preferences

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Is This Safe & Secure?

Data Privacy, Safety & Security is Our Highest Priority

✔   We securely transmit data from your financial institutions using 256-bit Military grade data encryption.

✔   We participate in security scanning with VeriSign to help ensure security for sensitive data transfer.

✔   We use measures like multi-factor authentication, designed to help you protect access to your account.

✔   We do not store your bank and brokerage credentials on our Servers.

✔   We never ask nor require you to share any sensitive info such as your SSN number.

✔   We never ask nor require you to share any personally identifiable info such as your Name or Address.

✔   No one can access your Bank accounts. No one can move money from one account to any other account.

✔   Your data and information is private. We do not and will not share your data with any third-party.

✔   We stay on top of security vulnerabilities and keep up-to-date with industry best practices.

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What our users are saying?


❝ After looking at a half dozen financial tools, and trying my own excel sheets, I've found AccountPatrol to be the most efficient and informative method for tracking my finances overall. ❞

❝ This product tracks each expense and automatically places it in categories so I can accurately see where my money is going. It alerts me when I've gone over set budgets and when transactions have been made and cleared my accounts. ❞

❝ The text alerts have helped me monitor every transaction closely. Thanks to AccountPatrol, I have even caught a big fraudulent transaction on one of my credit cards and I immediately contacted my credit card provider to shut down that card. This product saved my life. ❞

❝ I love everything about AccountPatrol and regret not setting it up sooner. Budgeting is so easy, checking my accounts is a snap, and I get text messages and emails. I recommend this product to everyone. ❞

❝ Considering that it costs only $5 per month, this product provides tremendous value. Thanks to text and email alerts, I know where and how much I've been spending and saving has never been so easier. ❞

❝ Very useful and powerful product. I use it everyday to watch my spendings. It's basically your very own personal financial advisor. This product has helped us cut on junk purchases. ❞

❝ A very simple way to look at money & finances. It's well designed, looks good and very functional. I am highly impressed.❞

❝ We cannot imagine living without AccountPatrol. Really changed our spending habits. A must have tool for anyone serious about improving their financial life.❞


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iOS and Android Apps

Feature Rich Mobile Apps Make it Easier for You to Track Finances On the Go

✔   Our mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

✔   Securely access your data from any device

✔   Receive Alerts and Notifications on the Apps

✔   Use Apps to Track & Monitor Transactions

✔   Set & Manage your Budgets from the Apps

✔   Take a picture of your Receipts and Store them thru the Apps

✔   Add Tags and Add Description to your Transactions from the Apps

✔   Understand your Daily, Weekly and Monthly spending trends

✔   Check which Merchants you are spending the most at

✔ See how much you are spending on Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Education, Utilities, etc.

Easy to Use

Anywhere & Anytime

Safe & Secure

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What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is an umbrella term for theft and fraud committed using or involving a payment card, such as a credit card or debit card. It comes in different shapes and forms. The purpose of credit card varies. It can be for the purpose of obtaining goods for free or to obtain funds from accounts. It is important to know that credit card fraud is an appendage of identity theft. Credit card fraud is not just restricted to a single action. Usually, the first step most credit card fraud is for the person to get your credit card number.


What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a crime where the thief steals your personal information and uses it in an unauthorized way for their own personal gain. Criminals use seemingly pieces of information such as your full name or date of birth to commit identity theft. Other information that criminals might take includes, bank account details, email address, national insurance number, address, mother’s maiden name, and place of birth, pin number and passwords. Getting hold of personal details may enable a criminal to access other information about you, and do fraudulent things with them.


How to Prevent Fraud?

Credit cards make many of our financial transactions faster and easier. And just like most things it comes with a price, the risk of fraud. The rate at which retailers have been experiencing massive security breaches have been rising. When these sort of breaches occur, the attackers gain access to customer names and credit card information. Companies are not the only victims of security breaches, sometimes we are the architects of our own problems.


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Achieve Your Financial Dreams by Taking Control Over Your Finances


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